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<transcy>Nature &amp; Diy Box n ° 3: Neem</transcy>

Nature & Diy Box n ° 3: Neem

Kari Keith Cosmetic
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To start the New Year, nothing better than to take the natural step!
We have carefully selected for you a complete beauty routine for face, body and hair 100% natural

Inside the Box:

  • Hennata's organic neem powder
  • Hello my organic cocoa butter
  • The synergy of vegetable oils for the body, face and hair of Simple cosmetics: It is composed of jojoba, hemp, hazelnut, grape seed oil and scented with bergamot essential oil. ( ❌ to avoid in pregnant or breastfeeding women )
  • 2 handmade makeup remover wipes in wax and bamboo by A touch of wax
  • 1 Diy recipe ebook: Here is an overview of the recipes: a body balm, lip balm, face mask, hair mask and many other surprises.


  • This Box is not suitable for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

It is a unit purchase. If you wish to subscribe and receive a Nature & Diy Box each month, please go to the Subscribe tab.