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Our history

After her engineering degree, Kéthia worked for two years in the aeronautics sector, but her professional future was quickly threatened by the health crisis. She decides to take her courage in both hands and undertake in a field that fascinates her: natural cosmetics .

After several years of neglecting the makeup of her cosmetics and her hair routine, Kéthia is struggling to assume her natural hair. Originally from Ivory Coast, she decides one morning to test the raw and natural products that her mother brings her from Ivory Coast. The result was incredible. She then learns about vegetable oils, vegetable butters, natural ingredients, all these nuggets that mother nature offers us.

She then begins to advise her relatives and make them homemade hair products. She realizes that more and more people like her pay attention to the composition of their products and want to change their habits by turning to organic and natural.

Lost by the number of brands offering quality natural products, she decides to create a box concept. On the one hand, to build a healthy and natural hair routine. On the other hand to discover new natural ingredients and to test new brand.