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Ingredients to avoid in your cosmetics

In this article, we will help you to see a little more clearly about the list of ingredients of your cosmetics.

First of all the ingredients are classified according to their amount of concentration. That is, the first ingredients are the ingredients with a larger quantity. If you bought a moisturizer with shea butter and avocado and these components are the last on the list, it means that your product contains shea butter and avocado in small amounts.

Here is a list of ingredients to avoid:

  • Silicones:

They end in -cone but not all the time for example Dimethicone, Amedicone, Dimethiconol and Amodimethicone . They are agents conditioned to make the hair shine and disentangle, however they form a barrier around the hair which dehydrates it.

  • Sulphates:

They are often present in our shampoos. An example : Sodium laureth sulfate or Sodium lauryl sulphate . They can cause allergies or irritation. In the long term, they attack and dry out the hair.

  • Mineral oils:

They are derivatives of petroleum.

  • Parabens:

They are powerful preservatives however they may contain carcinogenic substances.

  • Alcohols:

You have to differentiate between good and bad alcohol. Good spirits are Cetear Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol and Stearyl Alcohol. They are good for the hair because they hydrate it well. If you see any ingredient in Alcohol other than those listed above, be careful as they can irritate, dry out, and itch.

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