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How to build a simple and natural hair routine?

It is important to have a good hair routine in place to have healthy, healthy hair. In this article we will see the definition of a hair routine, the goals and tips to build a simple and natural routine.

What is a hair routine?

A hair routine is a set of treatments, actions to take care of your hair. The objective of a routine is to provide what the hair needs to be healthy. The hair routine helps to nourish, wash, moisturize and strengthen your hair while preventing breakage.

What are the steps in a simple and natural hair routine?

A hair routine is made up of several steps:

  • Nourishing care (Prepoo):
It is before shampoo. It prepares the hair for shampoo and nourishes the hair fiber in depth. You can use oils and / or vegetable butters (shea, mango ...) to carry out this treatment. It is necessary to apply on hair dry or lightly wet according to your preferences. Depending on the type of your hair, you need more or less the amount of oil and butter to avoid saturating your hair.
    • Washing care:
    he allows to clean the scalp and to rid the hair of all residues (pollution, products ...) . Favor "soft" shampoos with composition clean. You can opt for solid shampoos which are more environmentally friendly. environment because there is no packaging however pay attention to the composition (see our article on ingredients to avoid in your cosmetics ). You can use powders to wash your hair such as R hassoul, Shikakai. ..
      • Moisturizer :
      It is after shampoo. It provides hydration and facilitates disentangling. You can perform this treatment with moisturizing products such as: yoghurts, sugars (honey, molasses, agave syrup, maple syrup, etc.), starches ( cornflour. .), freeze ( aloe will see, linen , chia ..).
        • Protein treatment
        Care protein will strengthen the hair's natural barrier and protect it against external aggressions. Depending on your hair porosity, you must adapt the frequency of this treatment. If you have a strong porosity, do the 1 time all the 4 weeks . If you have low porosity, do the 1 time all the 6 weeks .
          • Rinse water (optional)
          It helps to close the scales of the hair. You can rinse your hair with cold water after your treatment or use water from rinsing such as vinegar water (attention 10 % vinegar and 90 % water) or herbal infusions.

          Example hair routine for all hair types with the Nature & Diy Box n ° 2

          routine capillaire simple et naturelle pour cheveux crépus, frisés, boulés et raides

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